Arifmetika Financial Solutions (Arifmetika MCC LCC) is a leading microfinance company having operated at the Russian market over 11 years. It uses state-of-the-art algorithms to manage risks and provides their clients with tailored solutions for their urgent needs. A professional team of 300 people manages business processes; key experts have many years’ experience in the microfinance sector.

Arifmetika grants non-target medium-term loans, and operates in the target loan market (BNPL3 segment) as well; it follows an omnichannel business model by offering POS solutions and developing a digital platform for online lending (website and mobile app).

It is a leader in terms of the number of service points among nationwide companies in the microfinancing market. It manages more than 570 service points in more than 240 localities of Russia.

AFS highlights

3rd place

in the ranking of Expert RA by the volume of consumer loans issued (Installments) and net profit in 2020

1.7 mln

concluded contracts (issued loans)

RUB 27 bln

of loans issued since Company’s foundation

1.5 mln


RUB 5.9 bln

of portfolio, interest included, as of 31.12.2020


repeated applications

RUB 596 mln

of net profit in 2020


loan supply points operating at sales points of OR GROUP.
a state-of-the-art platform for online loans issuance and mobile application.
target loans for purchasing goods. The service will be available both online (web-site and mobile app) and offline (point-of-sale solution).

Wide product line

Mobile app for convenience and availability

More than 570 loan supply points in more than 240 cities and towns of Russia

5 minutes to get a loan

Modern platform for issuing online loans

Comfort payments — annuity

Installments up to 1,300 USD for 1-12 months

Tailored products for different clients

Competitive advantages

Application of the responsible lending principle

Which means informing of the clients on lending terms and continuous support (call center).

In-house IT infrastructure

Developed from scratch, allows the company to automate all business processes — from issuing and maintaining a loan to debt collection and bookkeeping, and to quickly adapt to all changes of the regulator.

Company’s unique scoring system

based on mathematical models and analysis of more than 2000 metrics.

Innovative solutions

Blockchain, artificial intelligence.

Automated risk management

Integrated into all business processes of the company makes it possible to calculate indicators of all types of risk on a daily basis and instantly react when they change.