How long has the company been operating at the market?

It has been operating for 11 years. From 2010 to 2016 the cash loans were developed within OR GROUP, in 2016 Arifmetica MCC was established, financial services were consolidated under this brand.

How much does Arifmetika depend on OR GROUP? Will Arifmetika remain within the Group in the future?

Arifmetika is a self-sustaining company within OR GROUP. It is financed from its own funds, all business processes are independent of the Group. All the capacities and equipment of IT infrastructure are in possession or on lease. Arifmetika has its own unique customer base as well. In the future Arifmetika will remain within the Group .

What are the plans for further development?

In the nearest future we will prioritize the development of remote services and digital platform which comprises a web-site and mobile application. The company will expand its product line and consider entering the markets of other countries where the cash loans direction is fast growing.