Basic principles of work


  • We build long-term and trust-based relationships with the client. 
  • We provide quick and convenient access to financing. 
  • We use innovative fintech solutions for providing high-quality services. 
  • We follow the responsible lending principle.
  • We provide personal data protection using cutting-edge technologies.


  • We operate as a team. Each of us makes a maximum contribution to the company's development.  
  • We support our colleagues in achieving high work results.  
  • We professionally grow together developing leadership in each employee.


  • We set ambitious goals and implement new solutions and practices to succeed. 
  • We follow high standards of social responsibility and transparency.  
  • We are always going forward  improving ourselves and our products. 
  • We are aware of our responsibility to our clients and society.

Our mission is to become a reliable financial assistant which is always nearby.

We offer a wide range of modern financial products which improve life of our clients and give them confidence in the future. We provide access to pre-banking finance meeting everyday needs of the people and increasing their purchasing power.

Arifmetika is making modern financial services available for different clients building long-term relationships with them.

Each client can get a loan quickly and conveniently in any time he/she needs it.

More than 80% are regular clients.

AFS today

  • 5 minutes to get a loan
  • Exceptional staff engagement
  • A wide product line
  • Available in any time and any place

Funding for meeting everyday needs

Furniture and household appliances

Medical treatment

Vacation and trips

Home improvement

Preparation for a school