4 october 2021

MCC Arifmetika LCC saved more than 34 tons of paper per year as part of the social responsibility program

Part of the program is a paper reduction project. Due to the introduction of a simple electronic signature mechanism for customers, the company improved interaction with borrowers, the quality of service and significantly reduced paper costs.

The possibility of signing loan agreements using a simple electronic signature appeared in the company in 2020. Due to the implementation of this technology, Arifmetika managed to save about 7 million pages of paper, which would have been required when printing contracts. This is equivalent to 34,751 kg.

The concept of "paperless contracts" is a modern technological trend in the microfinance market, and the procedure for electronic signing of documents makes it possible to simplify the process for all parties involved. Therefore, the company not only reduces the time for signing documents, but also makes a significant contribution to caring for the environment, refusing paper.

“It is also worth noting that we are consistently implementing a program for the introduction and development of remote services. In the summer, we launched the DaemDengi (Eng. GiveMoney) digital platform for issuing online loans. Remote services are becoming increasingly popular among our customers. In August 2021, we recorded an 8-fold increase in traffic to the Arifmetika website compared to the same period in 2020”, comments Igor Rodyushkin, Director of Arifmetika MCC.

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