12 november 2021

Robot Maxim from Arifmetika MCC enters the market

Arifmetika will offer a robot operator to small microfinance organizations. The implementation of a voice assistant does not require significant modifications of the software and takes up to 1 month on average.

The IT solution — a robotic system for processing incoming and outgoing calls — was developed and integrated into the company's telephony in the spring of 2020, when, as the result of the quarantine restrictions, the number of calls to the call center increased 3-4 times and most communications with clients were carried out remotely including the issuance of cash loans. The service interface contains the logic of scripts for calling projects. User settings were implemented into the main working environment of the "Installment 2.0" IT system, which was created by OR GROUP on the basis of 1C to support financial services projects. The new solution was called Robot Maxim.

Currently, robot Maxim calls clients to deal with issues related to the debt that has arisen, to inform about company’s additional financial services. A speech module processing calls received by the call center has been introduced into the system as well. 

“Robotic calling showed excellent results. All key debt recovery indicators have improved. The robot can make more than 500 thousand calls per month, which is equivalent to the work of 108 employees. In addition, the introduction of a robot to work on outgoing calls has reduced the workload on the staff. According to statistics, more than 40% of clients conduct next payment after interacting with Maxim, without switching to an employee. 

When the market is growing, the client base is expanding and the share of remote loans is increasing, the efficiency of the call center comes to the fore and directly affects the performance of the company. We are confident that our IT solution, which has proven effective when implemented in our organization, will be interesting to third-party MFIs. Therefore, we decided to start offering the voice assistant to other market players operating in the microcredit segment”, comments Igor Rodyushkin, Director of Arifmetika MCC.

By automating calls, Arifmetika MCC reduced by 4 times the share of attempts when the client failed to reach the company due to busy operators. The company also managed to maintain the level of regular payments on loans, significantly reducing the cost of interaction: the cost of 1 ruble of the fee decreased by 90%. The share of processed incoming calls by a robot increased from 10% in 2020 to 44% in 2021.